Upcoming ASL Products


  • MMP, Hollow Legions reprint with desert & Sons of Negus (next up)
  • MMP, Croix de Guerre + Dinant reprint
  • MMP, The Korean War (shipping latter part of 2017)
  • MMP, Red Factories
  • MMP, Overlay bundle
  • MMP, Normandy Airborne HASL
  • MMP, Ortona : Little Stalingrad
  • MMP, Slaughter at Ponyri
  • MMP, Swedish Volunteers
  • MMP, Rotterdam Mini-HASL
  • MMP, With Fire and Sword, Manila ’45 HASL
  • MMP, Flames in Hatten, US vs German ’45
  • MMP, ASL Starter Kit, Action Pack #1
  • MMP, ASL Starter Kit, PTO
  • MMP, Armies of Oblivion
  • MMP, Electronic ASL Rulebook
  • MMP, Supplemental Map Bundle
  • Bounding Fire Production, Objective Schmidt
  • Bounding Fire Production, Corregidor
  • Bounding Fire Production, Peleliu
  • Bounding Fire Production, (Late War in Netherlands)
  • Bounding Fire Production, (North Africa)
  • Bounding Fire Production, (PTO, British)
  • Bounding Fire Production, (PTO, USMC)
  • Bounding Fire Production, (Scenario Pack – Philippines Campaigns)
  • Bounding Fire Production, (Scenario Pack – Finns)
  • Bounding Fire Production, Operation Neptune
  • Bounding Fire Production, (Intend to reprint the following 3)
    • Onslaught to Orsha
    • King of the Hill
    • Fortress Cassino
  • Kansas City ASL Club, World War I
  • Lone Canuck, Tactical Mission (TM) Battle of the Hedgerows, The Drive for St. Lo, Normandy July 1944
  • Lone Canuck, TM Opening the Baltic Gap, 5-6 July 1944, the Soviet Summer Offensive
  • Lone Canuck, TM Race for the Meuse, 10 May 1940
  • Lone Canuck, TM Battle of the Hedgerows – Lurking Panthers, July 1944, Normandy
  • Lone Canuck, Grossdeutschland Pack 3 – High Tide in the East – July 1943, Kursk
  • Lone Canuck, Red Surge – Operation Kutuzov, July 1943, Orel
  • Lone Canuck, Leibstandarte Pack 6 – Normandie, June-August 1944
  • Lone Canuck, WinPak 3
  • Lone Canuck, TM The Battle of Konigsberg – The Bear’s Revenge, 3-6 April 1945
  • Lone Canuck, Blitzkrieg in the West II
  • Lone Canuck, Operation Bagration
  • Lone Canuck, Cassino – The Barracks
  • Le Franc Tireur, LFT 14 (w/ Italian scenarios)
  • Le Franc Tireur, From the Cellar 8 Free French / Late War
  • Le Franc Tireur, From the Cellar Special
  • Le Franc Tireur, Amiens & Abbeville 1940 HASL
  • Le Franc Tireur, Deluxe Pack 2
  • Le Franc Tireur, Case Green (Czechoslovakia)
  • Le Franc Tireur, Prokhorovka CG
  • Le Franc Tireur, Armored Trains
  • Le Franc Tireur, Tarakan (Borneo)
  • Le Franc Tireur, Gothic Line
  • Le Franc Tireur, Le Corps Franc Pommiès (French Resistance)
  • Le Franc Tireur, Madrid 1937/1938
  • Le Franc Tireur, Eben Emael + Kanne (German paras in Belgium)
  • Le Franc Tireur, Stavelot (Bulge)
  • Le Franc Tireur, Korean War 1950-1954
  • Le Franc Tireur, Stalnie Prostori II
  • Le Franc Tireur, Indochine 1946-1954
  • Le Franc Tireur, Bir Hakeim (Gazala)
  • Le Franc Tireur, Kampfgruppe Scherer Gamer’s Guide
  • Le Franc Tireur, Kohima

The above list is to help me keep focus in my wargame purchases.  I can’t guarantee its accuracy nor can I guarantee that they will ever be released.  Information comes BattleSchool, Multi-Man Publishing as well as a variety of forums, online groups and play testers.  Please let me know of pertinent additions or amendments at hongkongwargamer at gmail dot com.

I hope this of course, helps you as well.

13 thoughts on “Upcoming ASL Products

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  2. You’ve put Croix de Guerre near the top of the list. Is this because you have any reason to believe that it is near the top of the queue at MMP? I sure hope so.

      • Thanks, Jackson; I’m really eager to get my hands on Croix de Guerre. Do we know to what degree the MMP version will differ from the Avalon Hill (just wondering whether to pick up an old copy or try to wait 2-4 years for the new version).

      • I can’t tell you for sure. Judging from Yanks2 and Rising Sun – previously out of print scenarios will be republished, errata will be incorporated and if they use the new printer they used for Yanks2 and BV3, the counter art will be clearer.

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