The Tank Museum, Bovington UK

How I got there : I took the South West Train from Waterloo Station in London.  The ride is about 2.5 hours.  I then walked for about 30 minutes from Wool to Bovington.

This is their website : The Tank Museum

7 thoughts on “The Tank Museum, Bovington UK

    • Second this. The details are easier to see, and it makes for a tight composition.

      Btw, the Intensive Fire tourney ended yesterday. The venue is handy to the museum, about a half-hour drive.

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  2. Jack – was there on Monday 7th November – no model tanks then. One of the best tank museums on the planet – just not much Russian or Japanese stuff. I was surprised that they had one Japanese tank. I got a free tour by listening to the one being given to army new recruits (they looked like a school group) – it was part of their orientation course – “this is what a tank looks like – avoid them”. I bit my tongue and did not tell them about the bloke from the Royal Engineers that I met. His job was to repair tanks (was on D day plus 4) and how he had to pump creosote into the knocked out tanks to clear out the gore before repairing them for the next crew…..
    As you know Intensive Fire was on (I think Martin Mayers posted on your facebook account). You should have dropped us a line – not to play ASL but someone could have given you a lift from Bournemouth to the tank museum to save you that 30 min walk each way to the museum. What with having to walk around the museum as well I bet your legs ached the next day 🙂

    Hope that you enjoyed your visit to the UK,



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