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The (re)Start

I was an avid wargamer 30 years ago even though I wasn’t a particularly skilful one.  I was an Avalon Hill Game Company fan.  I was into Panzer Blitz, Panzer Leader, Squad Leader (and all the gamettes), Tobruk, Firepower, Wooden Ship and Iron Men and Third Reich.  Somewhere in there life intervened and my hobby got lost along the way.

30 years later I found myself looking at a copy of Squad Leader on eBay. I learned that Avalon Hill is no more but Squad Leader and Advanced Squad Leader is very much alive under the stewardship of Multi-Man Publishing and a global core of diehard fans.

I bought that copy of Squad Leader (4th ed).  (Ahh .. the counters, the mapboards, the rulebook and the smell of cardboard .. long lost friends ..)

I couldn’t stop there. I waded into the world of Advanced Squad Leader (ASL). It is the best tactical game system in the world but better yet, is the global player community. This visual blog of After Action Reports (AARs) is a chronicle of my blunders and my reflections. I also want it to be a directory to some of the best ASL resources from around the world. I hope my learning experience will help you.

Warm regards,
Hong Kong Wargamer

GameSquad ID / BoardGameGeek / Discord / VASL: hongkongwargamer

Twitter: @HWargamer Facebook: Hong Kong Wargamer
Email: hongkongwargamer [at] disroot [dot] org
Global ASL Discord Server : Advanced Squad Leader | Central

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2022 Aug Credited as a Proofer for Sword & Fire Manila

2021 Dec Credited for my dice design ideas at BattleSchool

2021 Oct Interviewed by The 2 Half Squads

2021 Sep Credited as a Playtester for LFT From the Cellar 10

2021 Jan Joined AHIKS : The Avalon Hill International Kriegspiel Society

2020 Dec Translated Dzerzhinskiy Cheng’s “C4KISR”

2020 Nov First Korean War scenario – 204 Human Bullets

2020 Nov Credited as a Proofer for AP15 Swedish Volunteers, Best of Friends 2

2020 Apr First Cavalry scenario – FT228 Last Charge at Umbrega

2020 Apr ASL Discord server “Advanced Squad Leader|Central” broke  700 people!

2020 Feb Credited as a Playtester for MMP Croix de Guerre (2nd Ed)

2020 Jan Translated Dzerzhinskiy Cheng’s “Radiation Dust: Fall of the Soviet Union”

2019 May Translated “Race to Tokyo”

2019 May Credited as a Proofer for MMP ASLSK4 PTO

2019 Apr Started my first DTO scenario 42 Point of No Return 

2019 Apr Translated Yasushi Nakguro’s A Step to Victory: Bougainville”

2019 Feb Credited as a Proofer for MMP Red Factories

2019 Feb Credited as a translator for “Glory Recalled: Hong Kong 1941”

2019 Jan Worked as promoter for Malaya Madmen 2019 in Singapore

2018 Sep Completed playtesting of BFP Objective Schmidt‘s CG1 “Crushed at Kommerscheidt”

2018 Mar Apprenticed under Allan Cannamore to learn the fine art of creating VASL counters.  Started with CPVA counters for MMP Forgotten War

2018 Mar Credited as a Proofer for MMP Forgotten War

2017 Nov Took a month long Data Visualisation / SQL course.  My first break from ASL.

2017 Jul Attended Angkorfest 2017 in Siem Reap

2017 Mar First non playtest CG, Gavutu-Tanambogo with Dan Dolan

2016 Sep Credited as a Proofer for MMP Yanks2 

2016 Jul Attended Mayhem in Manila

2016 Jun Wrote the Preface to Chinese ASL magazine, Dare Death (issue 3) “What ASL is to me”

2015 Nov Started promoting Mayhem in Manila 2016

2015 Nov Started promoting Deathwish 888

2015 Oct First Cave scenario  with Dan Dolan

2015 Sep Cut a couple of videos for the Chicago Counterattack 2015

2015 Jul  Started getting into an ASL design project with Witchbottles

2015 Mar Started play testing my first campaign game with Witchbottles

2015 Jan  Started promoting Deathwish 777

2014 Dec  Visited & cut a video for New York State ASL Championship

2014 Oct  Started my first playtesting with Stanley Neo & Vlad See

2014 Sep  Co-Tourney Director at Gin Drinkers’ Revenge (Hong Kong)

2014 Aug BattleSchool accepted my idea for the Starshell Usage die!

2014 Sep  First Seaborne Assault scenario with John Knowles, “A55 The Cat Has Jumped

2014 Aug  Mentioned in the article  “Our Man in Hong Kong”, BattleSchool‘s blog

2014 Aug  Introduced Advanced Squad Leader to history buffs via “Iacta Alea Est!” on Peter Harmsen’s blog China in WW2

2014 Mar  First Night scenario with John Knowles, “A19 Cat and Mouse

2014 Feb  2nd Runner up at Malaya Madness (Singapore)

2013 Dec  First AFV scenario with Witchbottles, “WCW8 The Last VC in Europe

2013 Oct  Got my complimentary “Nationalist Chinese” dice pair from BattleSchool

2013 Aug  First PTO scenario with Witchbottles, “AP54 800 Heros

2013 Jul Helped with the Chinese characters on BattleSchool’s “Nationalist Chinese (aka Dare Death) dice

2013 May  Played my first VASL game with Don Lazov “RPT1 Ferenc Jozef Barracks

2013 May  Witnessed my first FtF game “S21 Clash at Borisovka” at Tiger Room.

2013 Apr  Joined the ASL Forum in GameSquad

2013 Mar  My first post on HongKongWargamer.com

2013 Feb  Bought a copy of the “Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook, 2nd ed”

2013 Feb  Found and bought back a copy of “Squad Leader

6 thoughts on “|About Me|

  1. Greetings, I too have been playing board war games since about 1976, I started with the classics (AH) and then worked through some SPI titles but fell in love with SL, in 1986 I switched to ASL and have been playing it ever since. You’re blog has inspired me to get off my rump and start (slowly) working on my wordpress blog. Cheers and thanks! If you need any good ASL or VASL links let me know.


  2. My first one was the “坦克大戰 (Tank Battle – not sure if it is the right translation)”, and then the Chinese version of Russian Campaign. I recently begin to learn the rules of Panzer Grenadier. It appears that I need to think about ASL as well

  3. Jackson, I have just read your article on the Singapore tournament in View from the Trenches and was thoroughly inspired. I have been playing AH products since the late 1980s when I was also introduced to ASL. It’s only recent though that I have become a more serious student of the game. Your article has encouraged me to work harder. I am also reading your BLOG.

  4. G’day Jackson,

    Nice site mate. I’m new to ASL and the exciting world it holds. I have the ASLSK1, but now I’m looking to getting into ASL proper; although, I can’t find a copy of Beyond Valour anywhere. I have read on the MMP site blog that it should be back in stock soon (FYI).

    All the best mate and please keep up the great work!


    Sean (an Australian in France).

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