What I love best about the Global ASL Community

Mr Paul M Weir, Clovis

I have never met Mr Paul M. Weir.  I know he played ASL solo because he looked at the Advanced Squad Leader system as a sandbox.  I know he was a programmer and that he kept a few cats: Comet, Clovis & Halo.  I interacted with Paul more than a few times over the years.  This man’s an outstanding expert of World War 2 armor and weaponry and had lent his expertise on a few ASL designs.

I remember sending him a fuzzy black and white photo of a tank spotted in the China theatre.  He came back telling me that it’s some hybrid tank whose turret was taken off from one tank and added on the chassis of another.  Then he moved onto more details about the origins of the turret according to something peculiar he spotted.  It blew my mind but like a lot of people would tell you, we learned every time we heard from him.

He was also a moderator in the GameSquad forum.  I have always love his tone and the way he went about things.

Mr Paul M. Weir embodied what I love best about the global Advanced Squad Leader community.  Mr Weir passed away suddenly on Dec 6.  It had been such a great pleasure knowing him, I’d like to think there’s some way he can still play with his beloved ASL sandbox in the Great Beyond.

Articles that Mr Paul M. Weir allowed me to post on HongKongWargamer.com:

9 thoughts on “What I love best about the Global ASL Community

  1. Grainne, Paul’s cousin here. Thank you all for your lovely comments about Paul, it is so sad that he passed away when he had a lot of life ahead of him. we have been able to rehome his beloved cats Halo and Comet, which is a comfort. Paul has an amazing WW2 collection and I would like to make contact with someone here in Ireland that has a similar interest or could advise on this collection

    • We miss Paul and we will always miss Paul, Grainne. I am very glad to hear about Halo and Comet as well. There are a couple of people I can ask about advising on Paul’s WW2 collection. I will let you know if I hit anything solid.


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