Fumbling in the Night

Photo by Raul Tskrialashvili on UnsplashI have been playing a lot of Night scenarios (especially) lately.  Yet, I was thoroughly thrashed again in my last game, you wouldn’t bear to see the AAR.  Instead, I decided to write down my thoughts so as to do better next time!

  • You can generally expect Attackers to follow Gullies, Streams, Roads, the edges of Illuminated locations etc.  Until you let them see an unconcealed or a broken unit, either within NVR (Night Vision Range) or Illuminated.  The moving unit will otherwise likely need to roll for Straying.  
  • Whether to try for Star Shells is a tricky business.  The upsides are:
    • you can shoot Illuminated units and you might lose some of your “No Move” counters,
    • you can prevent them from moving Cloaked/ Concealed inside illuminated areas
    • you can “blind” KEU so they can’t see you (except your Gun Flashes)
    • and you can prevent KEU from gaining Concealment.  
  • The downside is that:
    • you might blind your own units,
    • allow enemy units to shoot you without losing Concealment,
    • you provide a nice edge around which they can move without straying,
    • you illuminate your own units for them to put more accurate Method 2 Star Shells on you (as opposed to Method 3).  
  • If you think since KEU’s are within NVR and you can do without Star Shells, think again.  Having no Illumination allows Cloaked/ Concealed units to come right up to you without losing cover.  They can Ambush you on a difference of 2 in the dark (along with the -2 Concealed modifier).    Method 1 Star Shell is generally a great thing.
  • You can target Gun Flashes for a Method 2 Star Shell.  That generally means you should keep some Leaders (hexes) from doing Star Shells at the start of your opponent’s Movement Phase.  Don’t forget you can target your own Gun Flash – ie your unit some distance away First Fired, your Leader can Method 2 on that Gun Flash so everyone else can fire at the same target as well.
  • PRC should be aware that because of NVR differences, an enemy unit can shoot a vehicle at 1.5 the NVR (or 2x vs tracked vehicles) without the PRC/vehicle being able to “see” it back.
  • Jungles & Bamboo are great: they can’t be Illuminated (until someone fish out a Trip Flare).  So they can do a Method 1 on themselves and shoot OUT of a Jungle/Bamboo hex without losing Concealment.   All good unless the KEU is within NVR and also in Jungle/Bamboo.  
  • As an attacker, stay with Cloaking for as long as possible.  You can break off Concealed units from Cloaked units but those with Cloaking gets 6 MPs and no penalties moving into Concealment Terrain (and in Korea, Steep Hills are Concealment Terrain).  

What are your thoughts? Practises? Tactics?


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