Unwrapping – Winter Offensive 2018 – Bonus Pack 9

These following pictures refers to Chris’s (BattleSchool) comments down below :

Narrow Streets

Narrow Streets


Prime real estate : 2 storey house on Level 3

4 thoughts on “Unwrapping – Winter Offensive 2018 – Bonus Pack 9

  1. Hey Jack,

    I think it’s worth mentioning that board i is the first “official” DASL board to feature a Narrow Street (B31.1). The building on the level-three hill (of board l) is another new addtion to the Deluxe landscape: a Single-Hex Two-Story House (B31.3). Both rules fall under “Village Terrain” (B31.). MMP incorporated these HASL terrain types into the second-edition rule book (2000) around the same time that they included railroad overlays in the first edition of Doomed Battalions.

    Although WOBP9 contains two urban boards, there is only one Narrow Street hexside in the entire pack. Pity. The large hexes are ideally suited for this type of terrain (and the attendant counter-management challenges that VBM typically causes).

  2. My pleasure Jack.

    Thanks for posting the photos. Note that any IFT attack vs a unit moving along this Narrow Street leaves Residual FP only along this hexside (J2.23).

    Hex iE2 also illustrates another point, namely that the small outbuilding is a Single-Story House, while the Rowhouse itself is a Two-Story House (J2.4). In other words, the small outbuilding is a one level obstacle to LOS, while the Rowhouse is a 1½ level obstacle.

    • Right!

      Thanks for reminding us that in DASL, residual vs a bypassing unit is only left on the hex side where the targeted unit used instead of the whole hex.

      .. and also building height is specific to individual building graphics in the hex!


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