The Last Wargame Store in Town

Screenshot_2018-12-29 戰棋類現貨Today I was first in line at the closing sale of the last wargame store in HK.

They were selling big box games for $13, medium for $6.5 and small packs for $3.

Boy, once everyone rushed into the warehouse there was hardly room to turn. I had a look at their remaining inventory online last night and was looking for C3i 18 (Dragon’s Jaw), GMT Ran and perhaps Compass Games’ Warstorm series.

I unfortunately (or fortunately), I couldn’t find any wargames. They were all pretty board games (Catan, Star Wars). There were folks who dragged in huge bags and started stuffing them the second they made it through the door.

I am glad to report that no ASL games had to suffer such undignified ends. As a matter of fact I didn’t see any wargames, no MMP, no GMT, no Compass Games.

Perhaps they should have stocked more wargames?

Too bad eitherway as this is the last wargame store in HK, serving both China & Taiwan as well.  They were getting me ASL modules at a discount to MMP’s retail prices plus only $5.50 for delivery.  What are we to do next?

(I think they will continue to sell whatever’s left on one of China’s e-commerce platforms).


6 thoughts on “The Last Wargame Store in Town

  1. Sad to hear. I wish you a Happy New Year and hopefully you find a good source for MMP in the future.

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  2. Jackson, very sad news. Hey! you seem to have plenty of time on your hands 😛 Why don’t you become the Asian distributor/warlord?

    • I am not sure what to make of the “you seem to have a lot of time on your hands” bit .. but yes, that thought have crossed my mind. However, from what I’ve seen from my engagement with game designers and developers, this ain’t a profitable business. You really need to do it for love.


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