Advanced Squad Leader War Stories

Advanced Squad Leader War Stories

We were chatting with Witchbottles on ASL Discord today and he brought up a few outstanding war stories.  

Story#1: Overrunning with a Mk VIB


I overran with a Mk VI B tank on a Crew Exposed Pz III crew that missed their initial shot, missed their ROF (rate of fire) shot and broke his MA on an Intensive Fire shot as the Mk VI B rolled over a wall and onto the road to OVR the exposed crew, then out the back. Stunned them too!!!

Story #2: A Tank Busting Buda


My best was in a game of FB14 At the Narrow Passage, when a Buda Volunteer Regiment 7-0 with a DC waltzed out into the street behind a stopped Mk IV, it turned its VCA and fired MGs, NMC, 2.3 DR , pass, it fired its MA, Hit, 1 MC, 2,2 DR, Pass, fired its IF MA, hits, NMC, 2,1, DR, pass, then Mr Buda placed the DC on the tank, and placement DR in the AFPh was optimal and WHOOM!! on a 1,2 DR, up goes said Panzer in flames, while Mr Buda advanced back into the building and said nonchalantly…. ” THAT, gentlemen, is how you blow up a tank….”

Story #3: Stalin’s Nephew


The other good one was in a Festung Budapest CG III. A Russian 8-0 took a 24 flat shot from a concealed FT, rolled 1,1 DR and battle hardened into a 8-1. He then advanced into CC in the next turn with a BU StuG. Threw a 1,1 DR and bye bye StuG. A HMG took a shot at him in his next turn, he turned Heroic on another 1.1 DR from a 2MC.

Later on as the Hungarian defenses were falling, Stalin’s nephew led a pair of 5-2-7s in as an assault team on the last 9-2 led MG nest…..

What are some of your war stories?  Let us hear them in the Comments!

3 thoughts on “Advanced Squad Leader War Stories

  1. BFP’s O:S 11…German win under most improbable circumstances ever! US had Control of all but one building hex in Ge. setup area going into final US 1/2 Turn, 7a (7b). After two approaches to that final building were busted up fairly well, a US HS decided to release its Ge. POWs in M12 (bldg) to assist in the attack. That HS indeed proved the decisive swing to win the resulting CC and Control that building…..however…
    The Ge. was now wiped off the map except for POWs, and the now freed, unarmed unit can not establish building Control. Needing to rearm in the final German 1/2 Turn, 7b (7b), it rolled 1,1 in the MPh, rearmed, and gained Control of the building it was in! It was out of all LOS (besides one AFV that had to change TCA), so the US had no recourse in that final Ge. 1/2 Turn. German win and the most improbable finish I have ever taken part in.

    • NNOOOOO… the freed prisoners managed to scrounge, rearm and reclaimed their building??!!! That’s OUT OF THIS WORLD. I can see them waving at the American from the windows : “Hello!! Remember us??” 😀

      Thanks soo much – this IS wild!


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