Decision at Elst – the Unboxing! (New ASLSK CG)

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5 thoughts on “Decision at Elst – the Unboxing! (New ASLSK CG)

  1. Great review Jack! Don’t forgot the errata (we early birds did not get the small errata sheet that MMP threw into the boxes.

    This is what I think the “errata slip” looks like:

    21 January 2014 Decision At Elst Errata
    1. Scenario DaE4 Leave…Or Elst shows two German 4-6-7 squads which should be non-SS 4-4-7 squads instead.
    2. The AP (APCR/APDS) TO KILL TABLE is missing the AP To Kill numbers for the 75LL gun. Players should use the AP To Kill numbers for the 76LL gun, which are identical (note that the 75LL gun has neither APCR nor APDS ammunition).

  2. This is the first ASL or SK full official product I have not bought. If a good conversion to full ASL comes along, maybe I will cave in but at the price it’s just too expensive just to own.

    I also think MMP are doing themselves a disservice by not having any of the Stater Kits in print when this came out


  3. I agree that’s a good angle, but what then? Full blown ASL or buy second hand starter kit. MMP should have also had one of the SK available as well. Every penny spent on second hand products is a missed sales opportunity to MMP

    It’s the type of error that gets stockists to look elsewhere for their series games as they see sales walk out the door when they have to say no to customers.

    In the grand scheme of things it’s not that important but MMP make so many of these errors or if not errors they are weakness’s that they are unable to put right



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