Unboxing the “RISING SUN”!!

The Rising Sun is the latest reprint module from Multi-Man Publishing.  It’s an impressive combination of the out-of-print modules Code of Bushido and Gung Ho!.  The counter artwork was redone, the rules updated and the scenarios rebalanced, giving ASL‘rs everything he/she needs to get into the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO).  While a lot of our American compatriots have gotten their copies already, I suspect the rest of the world is only starting to get theirs.

Here’s the unboxing of a copy that hit the PTO today!



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3 thoughts on “Unboxing the “RISING SUN”!!

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  2. Cheers for that, it does look an impressive set and the box design is great to. My own copy has to wait till it hits the local brick and mortar store so is probably a month away 😦 but that fits nicely in with my extension completing which will allow me to play again 🙂


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