Series Replay : 8 The Fugitives (AH General Magazine)

This is something I wanted to do for the longest time – to pick up a copy of the Avalon Hill General Magazine (AHGM) and layout the Series Replay turn by turn – to see the action and to read the commentary!

This is the first one – published in AHGM vol 23 issue 2.  This was played only 3 weeks after Advanced Squad Leader was published.  The German player was Don Chappell, the Russian player Jim Block and the Neutral Commentator was Charles Kibler.

I have only gotten a turn done so far, but I am proud to have started.  I encourage you to pick up a copy of Avalon Hill General Magazine vol 23 issue 2 and follow along as well!!

I will be adding subsequent turns in the days ahead.


2 thoughts on “Series Replay : 8 The Fugitives (AH General Magazine)

  1. As this is such an old article, with the original rules (and the players!) relatively “raw” compared to their current status … not only is there a greater-than-usual probability of rules being played wrong (always a potential issue in any replay), but there’s also the potential of a rule being played in a way that was correct then but would not be correct now. (For example, it wasn’t until the ASOP was published in Croix de Guerre — six or seven years after this article was published! — that many players became aware that berserkers had to move before any other units could move.)

    I’m not saying that such “artifacts” are present in this article — it’s been about thirty years since I read it! — but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind.


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