Tanker Coins for Sale!

I got tired of having to look for the proper number on a d30 dice to track my MP usage everytime my opponent announces “I am shooting.”, only to have the d30 roll lazily away in the mist of the action.

So here we have the Tanker Coin, a much easier way to track MP usage:

I only have about 10 made. Selling for USD10+Postage, which I don’t imagine to be too much no matter where you are.

To buy one, send me an email at hongkongwargamer-at-speedpost-dot-net with your address & PayPal email and I will invoice you. It’s that simple!


Update : Thanks again gents – for your overwhelming interest. If all invoices comes back paid, I am all sold out.

  1. I will let everyone know if there’s anything that fell thru
  2. I plan to do a second batch, please PM or email me if you’d like to be notified about the next batch.