Gavutu-Tanambogo CG, 1st Assault Period



200mm NOBA does interesting things.  For one it keeps all the heads at Tanambogo down since anyone who breaks out of concealment will be targeted.

The Marines need to move off the beach quickly and clear the island.  The issue here is to make sure that we have rout paths amidst IJA units dashing out of caves to close combat unsuspecting bystanders.


This concludes the 1st assault period of the Gavutu-Tanambogo CG, more to come!

Here’s the whole series:

(Sand & Blood CG is an Advanced Squad Leader campaign about Gavutu-Tanambogo that comes with MMP Rising Sun)

9 thoughts on “Gavutu-Tanambogo CG, 1st Assault Period

    • Hello Stephen,

      There is a Clacking “button” that gives you a place to put your cloaked units. However after a while, you will find that it’s WAAAAAYYY easier to just put the cloaked units on board HIP’d under the CLOAK counter.

      Thanks for coming by!

      Rgds Jack

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