2 thoughts on “ITR8 Beyond the Slaughterhouse

  1. “…And with this, we ended our journey thru BFP Into the Rubble.”

    So, what did you think of ITR overall? Lots of excitement? Any problems?

    • ITR was the fix for me, someone who had been playing so much PTO that I see brush as bamboo first. ITR offers a focused regiment of some of the most difficult as well as the most three dimensional terrain in ASL. The stark contrast between the +2 or +3 TEM in Rubble to the -1 or -2 when moving across straight open streets is something to get used to. ITR does offer a terrific set of puzzles to solve. None disappoints and no problems whatsoever.

      Good urban training from ITR. I am looking forward to intensive Bocage training next!

      Rgds Jack


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