A33 Tettau’s Attack AAR


Lt General Hans von Tettau

A33 Tettau’s Attack puts us right back into Arnhem, 18 September 1944.  The Red Devils had landed and various German units were on the counter attack.  Lt General Hans von Tettau and his hastily gathered battle group was tasked with attacking the British drop zones.

The Germans got a mix of conscripts, a big lot of second line squads, a first line squad and 3 leaders.  They were SS but was in reality a group of camp guards and depot troops(ELR:2).  The Scots got only 4 elite squads, 3 leaders, a medium machine gun (“MMG”) and some LMGs.

The Germans win by exiting 3 victory points worth of units to the right of the map in 11 turns.  A squad is 2 points, a half squad 1, a leader 1 and each leadership modifier exited is 1 (hence a 9-1 leader is 2 points).


I played the Germans against a gentlemen who’s recently coming back to Advanced Squad Leader (“ASL”).  The superior troops and machines of the Scots were deadly over that much open ground.  I split the Germans into two.  The regulars were to make their way across the grain field to the left where the woods offer cover down most of the map.  The MMG went into the wooden building to suppress the Scot MMG and to hinder the Scots from shifting their troops to the left.  The conscripts were on the right and their goal was to draw fire as I was not optimistic about them moving down the right in time with their movement rate of 3.


This was the German Turn 1.  The regulars dashed over to the far left of the field (top of the map).  The Scot MMG went on a horrifying rate tear.  The Germans kept their heads down and ran.  When it’s all over, the Germans KIA’d 2 squads with another squad broken.


German Turn 2 : The survivors on the left flank (top of the map) pushed into the Scot LMG team.  One German half squad got too close and was vaporised.  The conscripts on the right (bottom) got a lucky break when the Scot 9-2 with the MMG team broke.


British Turn 3 : More lucky breaks for the Germans!!  The fire group formed by the surviving Germans broke the Scot LMG team on the left!  The conscripts rabble on the right made very little progress through grain field.  However they served their purpose by drawing the Scot’s attention.


German Turn 3: The Germans were not going to let the Scots on rally on the left flank.  They shot and they ran after the routing Scots on the left flank.  The Scot 9-2 (MMG team) rallied and the grain field on the right was covered with German conscripts too scared to run.  However, the Scots started to realise something was not quite right.


German Turn 4: the Germans on the left flank caught up with the routing Scots and killed them.  A German 8-0 with a LMG decide to stay back, scrambled into the wooden house and lay fire lanes to hinder the pursuing Scots.   The rest of the Scots started running back and the German on the right flank tried to slow them down with long-range shots.  Meanwhile a pair German leaders on the right broke off and started running toward the right of the map for a few more Victory Points.


British Turn 5 : the German 8-0 with LMG was a rather effective rearguard.  The running Germans focused on putting walls and hedges behind them as the Scots couldn’t see over unless they came right up against these structures.


German Turn 5 : the Germans need to get at least a squad and a half over the wall before the Scots recover.  The German leaders on the right flank were also scrambling for the exit just to make sure.

The closest Scot units were broken up against the wall.  All hopes were lost for the Scots as another two German units jumped over the wall after their friends.

Or was it?

BT6a - shot back snakes-proc

British Turn 6: A Scot 9-1 leader rallied!  He dusted himself off and clambered over the hedge after the Germans.  His sights were on the LMG the German left behind.  Yes, that German 8-0 with the LMG just made it over the far wall.  May be he won’t turn around …

But he did.  The German 8-0 turned around and slammed the LMG on the wall he just jumped over.  He took a shot through the orchard hex which hindered his sight.  He had to make this shot because otherwise the Scot leader would dive into the woods behind the building with the LMG.

He rolled snake eyes ..

And the valiant Scot leader failed his morale check and hit the dirt.

The Germans ran off.

Cpl Kwan 7-0

SP7 Delayed on Tiger Route – “Not One Shall Be Forgotten”


Operation Market Garden: British 1st Airborne Division, 17-21 September 1944 from “Military History Encyclopedia on the Web”

Heelsum to Arnhem

On September 17 1944, the first day of Operation Market Garden, the British dropped 3 battalions of the 1st Parachute Infantry near Arnhem.  Their approach routes were designated “Leopard”, “Lion” and “Tiger”.

The 3rd Battalion ran into Major Sepp Krafft’s SS Panzer Grenadier Depot and Reserve Battalion 16 (a training battalion) on the “Tiger” route.  Krafft quickly organised and met the British paratroopers with a defensive block immediately.

This scenario uses board 42.   The British are to move west to east through the length of the board.  The top (northern) half of the board is woods, breaking into orchards about 2/3 of the way to the east.  The bottom (southern) half is a small town.  There’s a road that runs from west to east and cuts between the woods and the town.

The Germans setup hidden (Hidden Initial Placement).  They have half the number of soldiers the paratroopers have but they also have a StuG IIIG(L).  The British has a 6-Pounder towed by a jeep.  The British win by getting a number of people and hardware off the board.  The Germans win by delaying / stopping this travel and by raising the British victory conditions by withdrawing up to the north preferably with British prisoners starting Turn 4.  SP7 Allied Turn 1 Start

This is the German setup.  There are two routes that the British can use – one down the middle of the board and one to the north through the woods.  The temptation is to focus on the intersection and that’s where I would expect the Germans to be.  I took a gamble and decided to put my units in an ambush configuration in the woods.  The StuG’s hidden in the brushes around the center of the board.  If anything should come down this road, it would be able to shoot it once it cleared the bend.  The singular half squad in the southern was nothing more than a speed bump to keep my opponent respectful should I guessed wrong.  Being in the north also allowed me to withdraw faster, raising the victory conditions for the British.SP7 Allied Turn 2 AFPh

The paras stepped into the woods.  They were ALL in the woods!  SP7 Allied Turn 3 MPh 1st Ambush-proc

A para squad bumped into a hidden German half squad and the trap was sprung!  One of the para squads fought back valiantly and captured the German half squad.SP7 Allied Turn 3  RtPh Cutting Rout-proc

A broken para squad routed straight into a hidden German half squad who took them all prisoners.The hidden German 7-0 turned tail and routed away to avoid close combat. SP7 Axis Turn 3  RtPh Taking More Prisoner-proc

In the following Axis turn, the Germans trapped and captured more British paras in the woods.SP7 Allied Turn 4 MPh 2nd Ambush

In the north side of the woods, the other group of paras sped on.  The lone SS squad let the first stack go by and ambushed the second squad.  The third squad rushed in to help but were ineffective.SP7 Axis Turn 4 MPh Leader appear cut rout-proc

A hidden 8-0 sprung up to cut rout paths again and took more prisoners.  The jeep & gun was now around the bend, all 5 victory points worth!!SP7 Allied Turn 6 MPh Stug

It was the last round for the British and they decided to make an end to end dash across the board.  It sped by the Germans holding a captured Piat in the woods but that shot went wide.  The squad then opened up with their light machine gun and immobilized the jeep.  For a moment there they were, gun and jeep in the middle of the road.

Then the brushes rustled and the StuG appeared.

And they were blown sky high.

Copyright Alfred Robert Saak http://www.saak.nl

British 1st Parachute Battalion at Arnhem 17 S...

British 1st Parachute Battalion at Arnhem 17 September 1944 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Four Waffen SS troopers taken prisone...

English: Four Waffen SS troopers taken prisoner from 9th SS Reconnaissance Battalion at Arnhem Bridge, one is a seventeen years old. All of them are wearing the camouflage uniforms that were peculiar to the Waffen SS; these are not ‘snipers Nederlands: Vier Waffen-SSers van het 9th SS Bataljon zijn gevangen genomen bij een brug in Arnhem. Een van hen is nog maar 17 jaar. Allen dragen een camouflage uniform van de Waffen SS, het zijn geen scherpschutters zoals de titel verondersteld. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sturmgeschütz III

Sturmgeschütz III (Photo credit: Peer.Gynt)

S14 88s at Zon – a real nail biter!!

S14 88s at Zon is a starter kit scenario about the 101st’s run-in to a number of 88mm guns by the Zonsche Forest near the bridges over the Wilhelmina Canal. These bridges were vital to the British tanks that needed to dash through to Arnhem in Operation Market-Garden.

Turn 1 German Setup revealed

This is a 5 and half turn scenario that uses half of board w. There’s a hill in the middle of the board that leans towards the right. The right (east) part of the board is open ground and the left (west) is a little village with a meandering road going from north to south. The Screaming Eagles come in from the north and have to exit a certain number of units to the south (presumably where the bridge was). The Germans have 2 x 1st line squads, 4 x 2nd line squads and 2 x 88mms. I situated the 88mm guns at M2 and H1. The Americans have 11 squads of 7-4-7 firepower goodness, an MMG and 2 x bazookas.

The American push through the village to the west was slow. Time in time again, the use of spraying fire and fire lanes show its effectiveness even at low firepower when coupled with FFMO & FFNAM modifiers. The German tried to skulk as much as possible during their turns but once when they got careless and the Americans shot clean through four buildings (M7 to L3) and broke their HS in the open ground beyond.

The 88s were scary. Most shots they did had a base hit of 8 and when the hits land, it’s a FP16 flat shot all around for the whole squad.

The American did better for the most of the scenario in the open grounds to the right (west). However they found themselves running out of time towards the end and most squads got shot in their rush towards the entrance.

The Most Epic Moment goes to the Close Combat round when a paratrooper squad jumped a German 2nd line squad. The Germans got Ambush so they started cheering their lungs out. Then they rolled boxcars which started the Americans cheering! The Americans figured they were there to clean house so they stayed and looked to kill the German squad once and for all.

Then the Americans rolled boxcars as well. (*gasp*)

The Germans decided that’s already enough fun and so they infiltrated their butts out.

The most True To Real Life award goes to the American 8-1 leader who ran past Subsequent First Fire and through residual fire unscathed only to be shot in the back by a LMG 5 hexes away and broke at the exit hex.

End game revealed

The Most Heroic award though goes to the German 7-0 leader who stood his ground, concealed for most of the game pretending to be a squad at O3 (in the building to the lower left where you see him now).

Erwin is a great opponent to play against and I learned a bit more about guns and about laying residual fire in this scenario. 

Now for the next one, any recommendations?