S1 Retaking Vierville – as the Germans This Time!!

Turn 1 American Movement Phase

Turn 1 American Movement Phase

General Eisenhower speaks with members of the ...

General Eisenhower speaks with members of the 101st Airborne Division on the evening of 5 June 1944 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of us has played this Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit scenario a few times before.   This infantry only scenario offers a purist’s exercise in fire and manoeuvre.  It also offers both sides the opportunity to attack and to defend.  It is my default warm up scenario with any new PBeM opponent, a chance for us to learn about each other before we embark on more complex scenarios.

This time I play the Germans and we played with Advanced Squad Leader rules (not Starter Kit rules).  In the picture above you see the Germans (blue counters) having returned to the village from the west (top) and the east (bottom).  The American 101st Airborne (green counters) reacted by scattering to the buildings on both sides of the key interaction.  Some of the American reinforcements had already appeared to the north (right).

As the Germans, the mission for the 1058th Grenadiers in the east (bottom) is to use the open ground to delay the American reinforcements as much as possible.  The mission for the 919th Grenadiers is to do the same from the west (top).  They were to buy enough time for the tough 6th Fallshirmjäger (paratroopers) Regiment to arrive from the east and take at least one of the four key buildings (circled in red) in the intersection to fulfil this scenario’s winning requirement.

Turn 3 German Movement Phase

Turn 3 German Movement Phase

Buildings P2 on the top (right) of the map and R7 on the bottom (right) of the map proved to be invaluable in delaying the Americans (both marked in yellow).  At the same time the newly arrived 6th Fallschirmjägers planned to isolate the left side of the battlefield from buildings K6 & K8 (circled in red).  Their  compatriots made the first of three attempts to storm across the street into the key buildings to the right of the intersection.  The Screaming Eagles‘ fearsome firepower would make that an exercise in futility.  The other German paratrooper platoon sped up the woods on the left towards the top of the map.

Turn 4 German Movement Phase

Turn 4 German Movement Phase

Again the German paratroopers on the bottom of the map stormed across the street.  The 1058th Grenadiers to the right of that building cluster provided diversion.  They were still holding the American reinforcements at bay across the open fields though.  The squads in building P1 (top) and R7 (bottom) held strong.  A Fallschirmjäger platoon was making its way to the top of the map where the Americans in the two key buildings on the southwest (top) of the battlefield felt increasingly isolated.

Turn 5 American Movement Phase

Turn 5 American Movement Phase

This is the last Movement Phase in the game.  The Germans paratroopers succeeded in capturing one (red) of the four key buildings on the map in Turn 4, thus already fulfilling the victory conditions.  The American reinforcements on the right went all out.  The German squads in our top and bottom stone buildings fought a desperate fight but were very thankful of their training in the use of spraying fire.

They held on.

There’s a great deal of material on the internet around this scenario:

I am on more than a few PBeM scenarios at the moment.  Some of which has to do with the PTO even, just in time for the release of Rising Sun.  When they finish you’ll be the first to see the AARs.

Take care!  


S14 88s at Zon – a real nail biter!!

S14 88s at Zon is a starter kit scenario about the 101st’s run-in to a number of 88mm guns by the Zonsche Forest near the bridges over the Wilhelmina Canal. These bridges were vital to the British tanks that needed to dash through to Arnhem in Operation Market-Garden.

Turn 1 German Setup revealed

This is a 5 and half turn scenario that uses half of board w. There’s a hill in the middle of the board that leans towards the right. The right (east) part of the board is open ground and the left (west) is a little village with a meandering road going from north to south. The Screaming Eagles come in from the north and have to exit a certain number of units to the south (presumably where the bridge was). The Germans have 2 x 1st line squads, 4 x 2nd line squads and 2 x 88mms. I situated the 88mm guns at M2 and H1. The Americans have 11 squads of 7-4-7 firepower goodness, an MMG and 2 x bazookas.

The American push through the village to the west was slow. Time in time again, the use of spraying fire and fire lanes show its effectiveness even at low firepower when coupled with FFMO & FFNAM modifiers. The German tried to skulk as much as possible during their turns but once when they got careless and the Americans shot clean through four buildings (M7 to L3) and broke their HS in the open ground beyond.

The 88s were scary. Most shots they did had a base hit of 8 and when the hits land, it’s a FP16 flat shot all around for the whole squad.

The American did better for the most of the scenario in the open grounds to the right (west). However they found themselves running out of time towards the end and most squads got shot in their rush towards the entrance.

The Most Epic Moment goes to the Close Combat round when a paratrooper squad jumped a German 2nd line squad. The Germans got Ambush so they started cheering their lungs out. Then they rolled boxcars which started the Americans cheering! The Americans figured they were there to clean house so they stayed and looked to kill the German squad once and for all.

Then the Americans rolled boxcars as well. (*gasp*)

The Germans decided that’s already enough fun and so they infiltrated their butts out.

The most True To Real Life award goes to the American 8-1 leader who ran past Subsequent First Fire and through residual fire unscathed only to be shot in the back by a LMG 5 hexes away and broke at the exit hex.

End game revealed

The Most Heroic award though goes to the German 7-0 leader who stood his ground, concealed for most of the game pretending to be a squad at O3 (in the building to the lower left where you see him now).

Erwin is a great opponent to play against and I learned a bit more about guns and about laying residual fire in this scenario. 

Now for the next one, any recommendations?