A Moment in ASL: LMG vs Tankette

Type 94 TK tankette captured at Battle of Okinawa

Type 94 TK tankette captured at Battle of Okinawa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I perched on the side of a skating rink today, returning a PBeM log on BoF01 The Marco Polo Bridge Incident.

Two IJA (Imperial Japanese Army) tin cans drove down the bridge on Turn 3 to stop the Chinese from threatening their rear. As the lead tin cans drove around the woods, a Chinese squad unconcealed and started up with their light machine gun (LMG).

The range was 6 hexes.  I needed to roll a 10 to hit. Moving target and the brief appearance added 4 to the dice roll (Case J), the size of the tiny Type 94 tank added 2 (Case P) .. I needed a 4 and I rolled 2,2!  PPOONGGGGGGGGG!!!

So I got a hull side hit where the armour’s zero. I needed another 4 or less to kill it (2 rolls of 4 or less is a 2.9% probability).

It was a 1,2 – BOOM!  The Chinese LMG took out a Japanese tankette!!


6 thoughts on “A Moment in ASL: LMG vs Tankette

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    • For some reasons that I can’t fathom right now, I always assumed that this excluded LMG specifically. I was living a lie. Thanks.

  3. my British 4-5-7 with LMG killed a Stug III in the Badgers Breath. The arrogant Stug drove pass my picket to lineup a shot at the Badger parking adjacent. The to hit was a 7dr the TKdr was a 3, base 4 +2 point blank modified with a -1 rear target = 1 dead Stug. Some decent tanks must also beware.


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