KGS10 Red Ruins Roulette

In this scenario, the Russians win if they control the GPU prison (see the cluster of German concealment counters around KK35) and/or Block 31 (marked on the Map) in 5 turns. Historically Block 31 was notorious for being sniper infested, so any Sniper that situates in Block 31 Pins on a dr of 2 AND 3.

5 thoughts on “KGS10 Red Ruins Roulette

  1. Hey Jack,

    I am interested to see how the Reds tackle the GPU in this playing. (I have played the scenario several times.) A well-orchestrated attack is key to success, but most conscripts cannot carry a tune. 😦

    • Heya Chris, at least the conscripts got me a couple of locations down South to rout into. Although the majority of them broke – I can’t see them doing much else with their short range, low morale and 3 MFs! This scenario is a choice between hitting the prison with better covered approach or Block 31 walking through open terrain. Feels like a really cool scenario right from the start.

      Normally when people look for “well orchestrated attack” they don’t look at me – but I will definitely do my best!! 😀

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