FrF45 Totensonntag

This is one of the more popular Friendly Fire scenarios.  It’s Poland, September 1939 and the Poles launched an offensive against a German flank.  The Poles win if 6 or more German squads equivalents are eliminated or captured.  Each wooden building containing => 1 Polish squad equivalent equates to a German squad eliminated.


8 thoughts on “FrF45 Totensonntag

  1. Hi Jackson! Quick question, what graphics program do you use for your graphics and arrows and such? I remember a couple of years back you discussed it on GS, but I’m scuppered if I can find the relevant thread, after more than a few minutes looking. I am planning to slowly release an AAR for my ongoing RB campaign, and I want to have pretty arrows and boxes and such…


    • Hello Christian .. years ago I was using an IOS (iPad) program called ComicBook!, now I am using one called Comic Life 3.

      ComicBook! has stock graphics and stuff that are more fun. Comic Life 3 presents more flexibility.

      I look forward to your AAR! All the best!! Rgds Jack

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