Grognards Speaks : Advanced Squad Leader Articles That Change Their Lives

Detail: Espinoza Tawed Skin/Parchment model

If you are a Advanced Squad Leader player and you are not on online forums such as GameSquad yet, I suggest you do. You will find a terrific community of ASL’ers discussing rules, giving their reviews on scenarios and products. You will find a lot of support and from time to time, a better alternative to eBay in acquiring Advanced Squad Leader modules and Third Party Products.

Lately the grognards discussed ASL training articles that changed their (ASL) lives. This is obviously too good of a thread to pass up, so here it is:

This is the original thread on GameSquad forums.  I hope this helps you as much as it helps me!

Do let me know however of articles that helped you!

Advanced Squad Leader Resources For You

2nd Cavalry Regiment counter-IED training

2nd Cavalry Regiment counter-IED training (Photo credit: U.S. Army Europe Images)

Happy weekend, folks!  Instead of putting out another post I figured I should build up the 2 resource pages on the site :

  • ASL Getting Started – where and how I got my Advanced Squad Leader modules and accessories together
  • ASL Resources – all the best Advanced Squad Leader related resources

This is certainly work in progress.  My wish is to put together something convenient and valuable for Advanced Squad Leader enthusiasts like myself!  Please let me know if there are sites that helped you in your development into a great Advanced Squad Leader player!


Why Do I Love Advanced Squad Leader?

Advanced Squad Leader

Advanced Squad Leader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I see Advanced Squad Leader as a beautifully crafted set of rules that simulates World War 2 era combat.  It puts you in the boots of squad leaders of various nationalities, locations and situations, encapsulated by the use of well designed “scenarios”, played on beautiful sets of maps.

The first thing I learned from the game was that combat is certainly not about walking out into the courtyard with the biggest gun and blasting away on an endless belt of cartridges.  In fact, most times it’s not even about shooting.  It’s about moving.  It’s about the interplay of time and space.  It’s about getting into the right place at the right time.  It’s about achieving your objectives with limited time and resources.  It’s about looking your people, your leadership and your equipment, and figuring out how and where they can be the most effective in the given landscape.  It’s about reducing your opponent’s capacity to compete, and that doesn’t necessarily mean shooting all the time.

Some squads get shot at and ran but their leaders are quick to get them back into the game.  Other leaders panic at the worse moment and demoralise the people they are with as well.  Some leaders are great at making their people more effective, others are better off staying out of the way.

Machine guns might jam and tanks might get destroyed by lucky shots.  Winds might change and start to blow smoke in the other direction, making it now possible to cross the street.  Reinforcements might come, concealed enemies might appear behind your lines,and that one man might run through a hail of bullets unharmed and hand-deliver a demolition pack for his enemies.

Anything can happen.

This is why I love Advanced Squad Leader.